Wednesday, July 11, 2012

From Thrown Away Gift Box, To Keepsake


I've been away from this blog way too long! However I haven't been away from crafting at all.
I'm also lucky enough to be blogging on almost every Friday, fun stuff going on there too!
So for now, I wanted to share a "little matte board book in a bracelet gift box project". Here is how I decorated the kraft box lid - simply painted with black acrylic and layered with cardstock, a photo, some ribbon and big brads from Club Scrap.

The big brads were also used as feet on the bottom of the box.

The project started with finding a disguarded bracelet gift box (sorry to say there was no bracelet found inside hehee, but I liked the box and knew I could put it to good use!)

After I decorated the lid, I wrapped the bottom of the box with old dictionary paper.
Then, cut matte board pieces to make this book shown below to fit inside the box. An old cereal box would work for this book too since it just gets covered with old dictionary papers, photos and acrylic paint anyway, that's what I'll use next time.

The book is held together simply by large 10MM jumprings, usually used for jewelry projects.
This is how it opens.

First from the side, and then from the top and so on.

Here it is all open.

Of course both sides of the matte board can be decorated, making the fold out book that much more fun.

And it all folds up nicely to fit back inside the box.

This disguarded box became a fun little keepsake for me know that I added my own touches. We liked the project so much at Club Scrap that we made a kit out of it sometime ago for our Sonoma Collection, much easier putting it together with all the pieces cut and ready to go for sure, it certainly is fun how all these things get started, like by just finding a disguarded little box in the trash.

Thanks sooooo much for stopping by!

Enjoy your day,