Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What's The Cinema Without Music?

Welcome to my stop on this Club Scrap Cinema Blog Hop.

I'm on a Stacked Box Project kick, but this Cinema stack of boxes has a musical twist.

During last month's blog hop, Jill P. commented that these stacked boxes could be made into music boxes. Since reading that, I wanted to make one. Thanks, Jill! (But try not to put too many other ideas into my head this month, OK?)

I used Cinema papers for wrapping the covers, text weight kraft for wrapping the inside box, music box mechanisms and the Paperless Components Boxes Kit.

In addition to following the kit instructions, I simply added drilling holes in the book board side wall of each box for the music mechanisms.

If you can find music box mechanisms that play show tunes, woohoo! All the better!

Next, you're off to see the amazing things Cathy has been up at The Artful Gamut. Thank you for stopping and enjoy!