Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Succulents May Day Basket

It's already the end of February and time for the Club Scrap Blog Hop. The Succulents Collection reminds me of spring, so I've created a gift box which can be used as a May Day Basket. I have a tradition of leaving them on a door or two in my neighborhood, so I'm all set for this year!

It may not be ideal for holding flowers like your traditional May Day Basket, but there is room for goodies inside.

Awhile ago, Deb here at Club Scrap left this cool folded gift box (below) on my desk. She has a great eye for projects, so every once in awhile things just appear with the thought, "This would look so much better recreated in Club Scrap paper!"

I examined the old box and recreated it using my favorite Succulents Lite Print. The original box didn't come apart very easily, but well enough for me to get some measurements and scoring angles.

It looks gorgeous already, even without ribbon or embellishments.

Now, I'm all set to hang this on my neighbor's door knob!

Look for clever packaging ideas all around you, and transform them into beautiful objects with your Club Scrap paper stash!

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