Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Club Scrap Lakes Blog Hop

Thanks for stopping by during the Club Scrap Lakes Blog Hop. If you've just arrived from Hetty's great Craft Chaos, you are in the right place.

This month I've put together an 8.5x11" page using Lakes papers featuring a waterfall technique.

Club Scrap Lakes Collection featuring Waterfall Technique - Waterfall Mechanism Opened
Waterfall Mechanism closed
Since this collection is all about water, I thought I'd use a waterfall technique for adding more photos to my page. Here's a bit about how it went together.

1. Cut six 4.75x3.25" pieces of Dark Teal Plain. Score and fold each piece horizontally at 2.25". (Not in half.)

2. Adhere the back of one short flap to the back of one long flap with the non-folded edges aligned. Repeat to create the waterfall-like structure.

3. Adhere the back flap of the last waterfall page to a 5x5" Light Teal base. Align the folded edge of the flap with the left edge of the paper, and center from top to bottom.

4. Close all of the flapped pages. Adhere a 6.25x3.25" strip to the outside of the first folded page, aligned from top to bottom and centered from left to right. This page will function as a pull tab. Swing the pull tab around to the back, bringing it beneath the 5x5" Light Teal base.

5. Flip over the mechanism and place foam tape onto the 5x5" Light Teal base in a "U"-shaped pattern to create space for the mechanism to work. More than two layers of foam tape may be required.

6. Attach the mechanism to a scrapbook page.

7. Decorate the waterfall with photos and embellishments, and enjoy sliding out the mechanism to reveal each page. This size worked nicely for wallet sized pictures.

I tried so hard to show the page with still photos . . . but I think a little video would give you a much better idea.

Next on the hop is my extremely creative friend Cathy at The Artful Gamut. Enjoy!