Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!! Wishing you a sweeet day!
Valentine's Day is a very fun time for those of us that live in the paper crafting world, and I've enjoyed making a few Valentine Cards.
I made the card above using the fun Let Me Count The Ways remix UM, just today, in Club Scrap's Gotta Have More Dept!
Can't beat the"Let Me Count The Ways" collage wood mount stamp for making cards too, it's fun and versitale. While I was at it, here is another done with the same stamp.

I also had a lot of fun with the "From The Heart"Stamp.

Coloring in the heart & wings design will never get old for me, I just like it too much! Also cutting out the heart and attaching with foam squares is a fun touch that this stamp makes possible.

Of course this stamp was cool on my Valentine mini shelf project too.

This year, I was so much better at using other themed stamps in my Valentine card making, like this County Fair Ferris Wheel Stamp below, just adding some punched hearts and my other Valentine quote stamps made it into a fun Valentine's Day card.

The same thing goes for this Academy Stamp.

Then I moved on to Let Me Count The Ways Stickers & Mini Cutaparts for additional card making....
and even did a 8.5x11 page while I had these items out on my craft table.

All fun Valentine stuff! Hope you are enjoying Valentine's Day as much as I am. Thanks for looking and have a sweeeet day!

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