Friday, November 23, 2012

Handmade Ornaments

Happy belated Thanksgiving.Trusting you all had a nice holiday and got to spend time with family and friends.
I'm starting to think about what Christmas ornaments I'm going to be making for the tree.  Check out a few ornamements I've made in the past (that's if you aren't too busy Christmas shopping already).

Why not put your favorite rubber stamped quotes on the tree? I found clear glass bulb ornaments at my local craft store, and had to grab a couple for adding Club Scrap rubber stamp quotes into. Then embellished a teeny bit with the mini cookie cutters received along with Club Scrap's WOW Holiday Shipment
Of course it's as easy as it looks.

Just rubber stamp on text weight paper and roll cut-out quote around something round, I used a wooden dowel.

Fun, easy to make if you have the stuff, and a cute gift idea!

Next I stamped  litte tiny sheet music to create this book ornament (stamps are from Club Scrap's 2011 WOW Holiday). Another easy fun one to make since I happen to have lots of rubber stamps and paper!

The next two ornaments are really just rubber stamped quotes held in place with wooden dowels.

Who doesn't like little paper houses that light up on the tree? It's a little bit of time spent with a craft knife & grid ruler to make one from scratch, but you can make one as simple or fancy as you like. 
Cute as can be!!!

Club Scrap used to have these empty pocket watches available for altering, but I know they are still available other places. I just added our little family pic inside and then added a snowy look with Glossy Accents and white glitter. Then followed up with other embellishments complete with a tiny bottle containing unmelted snow inside heheee.

Since these are done, I still have time for making more before Christmas.
This is Part I of my Two Part Handmade Ornament series, so I'll enjoy making more ornaments for Part II.
Thanks soooooo much for looking, wishing you a good pre-holiday Christmas season.


  1. Hoping to get the tree up with lots of handmade ornaments today already!

  2. Kay, your ornaments are fantastic! And your know how much i LOVE the little houses! They are some of my faves on my tree. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The ornaments sound fabulous (the pictures are misssing, so I go by the description).