Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree Ornaments PART: 2

Season's Greetings!
Hoping this busy time before the holidays is going well for you. I've managed to get a few more ornaments made for the tree that I'd like to share if you actually have the time to look. Every year, I make an ornament using a pic from the prior Christmas. Using the current year's picture would be just to proactive for me, I'm just glad to get something on the tree from every year, up to last year that is :) 

The "mini album inside the tin" is the photo ornament I made this year.

Last year after Christmas I found a handful of these mini lunch box tins at Home Depot in the after holiday clearance bin. Well of course I thought they were cute and that I could make little albums for the insides.

Using waxed linen thread, I kettle stitched this mini album together that easily fits inside the tin. Of course after I rubber stamped the inside pages with my collection of holiday themed stamps from Club Scrap.

The mini album is filled with little pictures from last Christmas (Walgreens collage prints work well for this purpose, putting several little pics on the same 4x6, cheap and easy).

The mini cookie cutters tied to the handle is the perfect finishing touch.

The tin will keep this mini album in great condition over the years, I'm hoping my family enjoys looking through it each year we get out the Christmas decorations.

This blog is turning into a long one - hope you don't mind more and more pics!
Moving on to the matchbox ornament, I think it's so darn cute.

I had the premade matchboxes from when Club Scrap sold them in GHM with the Fossils kit (but that was a long time ago), for now one could certainly make their own or find them in the craft stores I would think.

As you can see my first step was wrapping with old dictionary papers.

It's so cute just like this, covered with old book pages, but thought I should add an acrylic paint wash. Blue for the sky and white for the snow.

Then I folded and cut up some of my little paper scraps (no large sheets of uncut paper were injured in this project) to make tiny houses.

I used the "Peace On Earth" stamp from Club Scrap's 2012 WOW Holiday stamp sheet for the little banner above the houses, attached with foam squares to add dimension.

Of course, glitter glue was a "must have".

Then adding a ribbon on the top of the outside sleeve works for a hanger. I would love to make more of these cutties, but need to get a little Christmas shopping done first LOL.

Now, this "Christmas wish in a bottle" only takes a couple minutes.

Just roll up the stamped or handwritten Christmas wish...

...put it inside the bottle. I used waxed linen thread for creating the hanger.  Easy one :)

Oh, and one other little tidbit. At Club Scrap we just put this 12x19 Ivory Text weight paper online (in my opinion, one can never have enough ivory text weight paper for projects) heheee. One side is printed with the Club Scrap logo, but the other side is great for stamping on and creating your very own altered wrapping paper. I had a little fun with it here wrapping a gift.

The possibilities are endless with this ivory text weight paper, and you can get 5 sheets for only a buck, enjoy!

Thanks for stopping to look during the busy time of year!
Hoping you find a little time for crafting this holiday pre-season.



  1. I really do just want to keep making ornaments...but also really do need to get some Christmas shopping done!

  2. ....and maybe some Christmas cards sent out!

  3. Holy cow, Kay, I don't think you can make anything much smaller than those little houses in a matchbox! Good grief, make something BIG for a minute! Hahaa!

  4. Kay, these are all amazing! Love every single one!

  5. These are awesome - I also am amazed at how you made those tiny little houses.....I have to agree with Pam - make something a little bigger - esp with us "older gen" folks with arthritic hands and bad eyes....;)

  6. Heheeee, I do like making the tiny stuff occasionally. Sometimes I think making it tiny is an instant recipe for cuteness! but no worries, I'll be whipping up bigger stuff for sure!

  7. Can you tell me where you got your bottles. Thanks

    1. You can get the bottles at Hobby Lobby, Michaels and online:-)

  8. Thank you for the wonderful ornament ideas, I usually get each grandchild a tree ornament at
    Christmas, know I'm very late, but hope I can get some of these done before Christmas eve.
    I know I'm running out of time. Thanks again for sharing.

  9. the link for the teeny tiny cookie cutters isn't working -- can you tell me where you got those, please? super cute!

    1. me too. these ideas are so cute. we were looking for ideas for our family Christmas and these look maybe easy enough...

    2. Look on! I found some on there that I think are the same.

  10. I love your Christmas Wish in a Bottle ornaments. Can you tell me what font you used for the Christmas quote? Or better yet, provide a link to download the I love it!!

  11. Just darling! but where did you get the tiny cookie cutters? I have to have them! Terry

  12. Love the necklace with the Christmas saying.

  13. What is your font for message in bottle? Or, could you post to print?? Sorry, they are so adorable! Good job, girl!!!

  14. That was a rubber stamp from Club Scrap, so I simply just rubber stamped the text weight paper, rolled it up for placing inside. Thanks for asking and glad you like!

  15. Hi everyone,
    Want to give the Christmas wish in a bottle. Could anyone share the size of the bottle they used. Thank you in advance for the reply.