Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Botanical Canvas Album

Welcome to my stop on the Club Scrap Botanicals Blog Hop.

The Botanicals Kit inspired me to put together this mini album featuring a painted canvas for the front and back covers.

The inside pages are a combination of Botanicals Printed and Plain Papers kettle stitched together.

The canvases and inside pages are 6x6".

The inside pages:

Here are the ten inside pages stitched with brown waxed linen thread.

The inside pages were rubber stamped prior to stitching. I just think it's easier.

Decorate the outside covers with acrylic paint, the Branch Masking Stencil and colored mists.

Botanicals Lite Branch Masking Stencil.

Botanicals Wood Veneer Birds with acrylic paint added.

Rubber Stamped words from the Botanicals Borders & Backgrounds Stamp sheet

Actually after decorating the canvases, I could have stopped there! These would have looked just fine on my walls, but I still thought it was fun to add the inside pages.

Putting the pages and canvases together . . .

Adhere the stitched pages to the canvas covers with CS Bookbinding Glue.

I could have stopped right there. But you know me!

Attach four decorative metal feet to the bottom four canvas corners with bookbinding glue. (Tricia dropped these off at my office a while back knowing I'd find a good home for them.)

To prevent the inside pages from sagging down between the canvases, I added two wooden dowels as a support.

The adorable book will make the perfect home for photos from my daughter's twelfth birthday party.

Next on the Botanicals hop is the lovely and talented Julie at Cape Cod Scrapper. See you there!



  1. Kay you have yet again outdone yourself. This is drop dead gorgeous!

  2. What a wonderful project! Love it from all angles - the kettle stitching really is beautiful against the lovely colors of the papers. TFS!

  3. Kay~what a wonderful album you have put together. Like many of your other projects, this will be a family treasure for many years to come. I'll be back to your page for lots of little details that I want to CASE.

  4. Another stunner, Kay! Now I know what you were working on so intently this week!

  5. Kay as always, your projects are stunning. I love how you added the speckles to the covers and the stenciling is perfection! What a clever idea to add the little dowels to hold everything in place when the book is closed wonderful job!!

  6. Every.Month. Every month you amaze me. Gorgeous!

  7. Kay This canvas album is both gorgeous and stunning will bea wonderful place for your daughters birthday pictures!!!!!

  8. Awesome Kay! Very nice! Thanks for sharing alternatives for this album project. Like very much, Denise Freeman

  9. Kay, all I can say is WOW!!!! This is such a beautiful projects!

  10. Wow! So beautiful and such gorgeous details! Have a great day Kay!

  11. Your projects are always amazing and this one is no different. Love how you put those extras on that make it extra special. A special project to hold special pictures.

  12. Another beautiful project, Kay. I have no idea how you come up with all of them, but thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Oh amaze me more and more every month! What a precious album!

  14. I love your mini album, Kay! Such beautiful artwork and colors! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Love the album. But I love even better that you are using it for a cherish memory!

  16. Your work is beyond amazing, it is just soooo inspiring - this is GORGEOUS!!

  17. Those little feet!!!! Very nice as usual. I want to take an entire day of book stitching from you. I do ok with it in classes but then I get so intimidated by it at home.

    1. Oh Janet, you are so kind! An entire day of book stitching would be so fun! Thinking your stitching would probably turn out neater than mine for sure, whatever you do always turns out well! Mine doesn't always turn out very neatly, I just get it done, am not that picky, so it works for me, but others can do a lot neater job I know. However I feel kettle stitching is cheaper than therapy for me, so gotta love it!

  18. As you well know, I would have taken just the canvases off your hands! LOL But seriously, the covers and the book itself are just stunning. I may have to CASE this to make one for myself!

  19. Coucou
    C'est magnifique , j'aime beaucoup.
    Avez-vous un tutoriel pour faire la couture du mini album ?