Friday, February 24, 2012

Altered Book Music Box

This old discarded book made into a music box has been a thought rolling around in my head since my Music Box Project Class this year at the Club Scrap retreat. Finally it was time to put it together! AND glad I took the time! Now, this old book has become a cute little keepsake currently sitting on my coffee table. Also at Club Scrap, the Music Box Mechanism was available separately, so I had what I needed to get started. Crank it up and it plays "Fur Elise", love it!
On the inside, I cut three nooks from the inner pages. One large enough for the 2"x1-3/4" music box mechanism to go inside, then one for holding maybe photos or jewelry, and the smallest nook holds a little bottle.

I made the smallest nook more shallow to accommodate for a secret matchbox drawer below.

 Cutting a little nook into the pages behind the key hole hardware so the end of the key can fit inside seemed like a good idea too. Well, ya know, while your at it, you might as well do it right!
There is a hole drilled through the book's back cover to let the music box crank work freely.

Now for a couple pictures concerning the construction.
I started with the easiest step, stamping the front cover with the Vogue Love Is Eternity Stamp.

Then moved onto cutting the inside pages.

Along with all the cutting, I would have to say gluing all the pages together was my least favorite part, but still enjoyed the progress of each step and getting to decorate it in the end, and especially now that it plays music!!! Who else has an altered book that they can crank up? Anyone? Anyone?
I wish I could say I carved the heart with wings wooden pc that is now attached to the lid myself, but I happened to see it in the clearance bin at Michaels Craft store.  It was bare unfinished wood and attached to a frame, after it got it home I was able to use a large knife to free the glued on heart/wings from the frame. Then it just needed some acrylic paint and distressing before it embellished my altered book music box project.

The possibilities of book altering are certainly endless, and this was a really fun altered book to show you, hoping you like! 

I'm off to crank up my altered book.



  1. There 'ya go, Kay, crankin' it up again! Nice!!!!!

  2. Thanks alot! It was a fun project!
    Have inspiration, will alter!

  3. AWESOME! Holy moly Kay, this is so fantastic!

    Great idea and love seeing your process. Amazing!

  4. Gotta say, this is still one of my favorite projects :)
    I'm hoping to make another soon.

  5. This is amazing! What are the feet made from, and how did you drill the hole in the bottom for the crank?

  6. Hi I was wondering how thick the book was and how deep each nook was, thanks! I have a baby and would love to make this for her and put the photos in and wrap them in twine, make mine look more old fashon thanks again!

  7. This is just amazing. I love this idea. I wish I could make something like this one day.

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  8. How long did this project take you? Its very beautiful!!

  9. How long did this project take you? Its very beautiful!!

  10. Love it!! I have yet to make one..... Cx

  11. Love it!! I have yet to make one..... Cx

  12. Sencillo, bonito y muy original. Felicitaciones!!!

  13. I was wondering what triggered your music box and what size book you used. Also how did you bind the pages together?

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  15. how do i glue all the pages? just one by one?

  16. Beautiful! Love this idea and would like to do with with a group of teens. How long did this take you? Also, I am confused on where you put the musical part. Do you have pictures or steps for installing that part that I am just not seeing?

  17. Thanks for Post Article

    Your Music Box images is very creative and design is awesome

  18. Did you glue then cut it or cut ten glue

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