Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Club Scrap's Navajo Tri-Pane Project

As of today, I have 10 followers on my brand new blog, whaahoo!! Thank you guys and you've inspired me to blog today. Its really cold outside here in Wisconsin, so what better activity is there at the moment for me anyway?

Thought I would take a little breather from making Valentine's Day projects (you'll be seeing more of those in future blogs), although we are getting closer to February and the CS Love Blooms Event is almost here, but until then I'm enjoying the Club Scrap Navajo CST project, the Tri-Pane Book. Knowing many of you know my roll here at Club Scrap (that I lovingly design and create projects for Club Scrap), here is the CST Jan. project that I had fun with.

Before this project came about for me, I did see something similar that inspired me, but I thought the book should be larger and also thought how cool it would be with Club Scrap's paper laminated to it's inside and outside covers! so this is it.

The flexible fastener rings allow for more pages of any size to be added in the future. So you can just go to town adding different interesting tidbits like photos, envelopes, tags just need to punch holes for feeding the binding ring though and your set.

I made good use out of the Navajo Cutaparts included in the kit for decorating the inside and the outside of the project.

It's sooo fun to 'show and tell' projects, isn't it??
Thanks for looking and have a great day.

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