Monday, January 16, 2012

Calendar Projects - It's A Date

Now that we are well into 2012, I can't get enough of Club Scrap's Navajo Calendar Print. The Cutapart page, that contains two full years, can be made into a calendar project or used sparingly as an embellishment on a scrapbook page. It's a cool versatile goodie I'm glad to have in my stash for under two bucks. So, even though there are more detailed instructions of these projects on Club Scraps 2012 Navajo Online Scrap Rap page, I wanted to blog about it also.  I guess I still have the "Happy New Year" spirit. So here are a couple things I've done with this fun calendar goodie.
It starts as a full sheet for you to do anything with.
At first I thought this goodie's main purpose would be for embellishing scrapbook pages.
It's easy to add a little dimension by bending the mini calendar page around a pen and attaching with foam squares.
Almost forgot about this class trip scrapbook page I did using a mini calendar page as an embellishment. I used it just flat here below.

Then I thought a mini calendar on a picture frame project would be fun. I'm all about adding memorabilia to my projects, making them more of a keepsake of course, so this mini tear-off calendar frame popped into my head.

I painted an old frame I was no longer using, matted and embellished a photo and now it sits on my desk. I'll tear-off each month, and will end up with a stamped quote in the frame after the year is over.

Before binding my calendar pages together, I remembered to add a stamped quote on the bottom of the calendar stack, so I'll have that to look at after the year is over.  Then using CS Book Binding Glue and a paper clamp, I adhered one year of mini calendar pages together, after it was dry the glue made the perfect binding for my little calendar.

Then the mini calendar got attached to the matted photo....
...and placed in a frame for desktop viewing.

After enjoying this frame calendar project I felt these mini calendars were just too darn cute to be limited to only a frame project and scrapbook pages. Next came this desktop altered box mini calendar.

After binding the mini calendar pages together, I made a mini eisle to attach to the top of the box.

It's not only cute, but also functional for housing a few often used desk supplies.

I know the year is going to fly by, so glad I've got my fun 2012 calendars in place and out to enjoy.
Thanks for looking, have an inspiring day.



  1. Kay you know how much I love you and your projects! Exciting that you have your very own blog! WOOHOO!

  2. Thanks so much Julie! I'm just gettin' the hang of it all, but think it will be really fun to get into it more! My head is swimming with ideas.
    I so appreciate your kindness and support all the time, you are a one in a million gem!