Thursday, May 31, 2012

Altered Globe

I've always thought globes were cool, and for awhile now thought altering a cheap globe would be fun,
but never got to it until recently.  Here is my now - photo globe.
I came across this clearance globe last year at Target, it was 75% off, so I picked it up with globe altering ideas swimming in my mind. I think the globe ended up on clearance because of the color scheme of the map part not really being attractive, but I really liked the wooden base and metal hardware, 
so perfect for altering. So I finally got to it.
To prepare, I photocopied photographs onto text weight paper (the paper that is in the big copy machines at Kinkos), and collected other printed materials that were already on thin paper (for easier wrapping around the globe). Then I also thought I would rubber stamp a few quotes to also attach.
I ended up using mainly the photocopied photograghs. I cut and tore the portion of the photos that I wanted to use, then spread a thin layer of Club Scrap Book Binding Glue onto the back of the photo, and attached it to the globe. Pressing the text weight paper onto and around the globe,
pressing away any air bubbles as I went along.
This globe is now a fun clever way to have photos displayed in my bookcase, glad I got to it! So let me know if you come across any inexpensive globes, I'll need to make another before too long.
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Enjoy the day!



  1. Absolutely fabulous Kay! Thanks for sharing how you made it. Love that book binding glue!!

  2. Wowee! What a fabulous idea. Love the way you think and craft!

  3. Oh, I cannot believe my eyes! This is a FANTASTIC project, Kay! What an inspiration you are!

  4. Great idea! You've gone way outside of the box, er page on this one.

  5. Great - I'm going to have to try this on a book or something.....

  6. I just had a friend tell me about making a photo collage globe using this one as a template to go by as a Christmas gift - and it was very well received, how fun!

  7. Hi,
    If I use a globe light, should I apply a transparent varnish on the photos? To make it stronger.

    Thank you