Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bridal Shower Gift - Handmade Music Box

I knew about my neice's bridal shower for over a month in advance, but of course waited until the night before to make my gift! However, I did have this - handmade music box structure wrapped with their engagement pictures - in mind as a gift well in advance. I think it turned out great, and she really seemed to like it lots! As I mentioned before, the outside is wrapped with the photos I took of the couple after their engagement. To make the photos wrap-able, I simply photo copied the photos onto the text weight paper available in those big copy machines at Kinkos.
Inside the box is plenty of room for photos, or a mini album, or anything she decides to place in it of course. The music mechanism plays "Fur Elise" which happens to be a song my daughter is playing at their wedding, so it's soooo appropriate, and I just like that tune anyway! The picture below shows the bottom of the box and the music box crank.

I did do a little rubber stamping on the decorative strip attached to the lid of the box, this stamp is from Club Scrap's Versailles collection. It's a long narrow stamp that contains the words "love, hope, moments, etc." so it was perfect for that spot.

It was so worth the time creating this little keepsake for my dear neice, she's the sweetest they come!

While I'm talking about music boxes, I have to mention the "Waltz Of The Flowers" music box kit Club Scrap now has in stock, (as of 05/10/12 anyway). These music boxes (more shown below) were all generated because of that fun CS class I did at last year's retreat, once I had the project all designed, I was still inspired to make more, AND glad there are still kits available so I don't have to hand cut all the pieces to create it like I did before we created the kit!!! Or, one could create their own box and install the "Fur Elise" music box mechanism Club Scrap has available on it's own (just the music box without the rest of the box kit).
Since I have plenty of pics handy of some of the other music boxes I've made, I'm wanting to add them here too, below is the music box we made during my class. The inside is wrapped with a printed black text weight paper, and the outside was cardstock printed with sheet music images - so you really can make it look any way you want it to.

I really enjoyed making this mini album to fit perfectly inside.

Then of course I couldn't resist actually wrapping the box with sheet music....

and below is the kit available, complete with the papers shown in the pic & the "Waltz Of The Flowers" music mechanism.
The inside can also be decorated differently also, I rubber stamped a coulpe favorite quotes on this paper before attaching it to the box insides.

So you can stick with the papers provided, or use photo copied pictures, or other paper from your stash - lots of options.

I do enjoy wrapping the box with photos as you can see, but then again, the cardstock wrapped box below is also a favorite. Well I'll just keep making more and have new favorites!

Well, hoping you're inspired to whip up a music box of your own!

Hope you have a musical day!
As always, thanks for looking!


  1. One can't have enough boxes! And these are absolutely gorgeous, all of them!! What a beautiful gift. I am sure I am going to take me one home in October.

  2. So great that we will be seeing you in October Hetty!

  3. I see we only have a couple of these music boxes left in GHM inventory today, if you are interested, you better act quickly, just so anyone interested knows.
    Hetty just let me know if I should grab you one :)