Monday, May 21, 2012

Wood Collage Box Mini Albums

It's hard to believe I made this mini album using these fun wooden boxes almost two years ago and hadn't filled the inside pages until now (again using those wooden collage boxes, that were available, in the past, in Club Scrap's GHM dept. and they were a part of our Chocolate Shoppe Club Stamp project some time ago also, I would think they would be able to be found in craft stores now). Since I had stocked up when they were available at Club Scrap, I continue to enjoy them.
The box starts off bare wood, I used a spray wood stain to color this one and then rubber stamped on the outside flat edges to add more interest. The inside pages are manila tags stitched together. If you are a fan of Club Scrap, you probably have seen this already because I blogged about it back in Feb 2010 on the Club Scrap Community site - however now I actually added some photos and such to the inside pages. I still just think it's so darn cute!

Happy I now have a couple photos and such on the inside because now I feel I can put it on
my coffee table.
I did stitch the manila tags together as a binding on the left and then also, with a long paper in the middle, on the right. This makes the book lay flatter and gives the feeling that it has two front covers, and that it never really has an ending, and I never want good things to end heheeee.

While I'm talking about these mini albums, of course I do have other pics handy that show these same wooden collage boxes in action. Instead of the horizontal orientation like above, I used the boxes in a vertical way below. This one has a completely different look being painted white and was created when our 2010 Feb CS Castaway kit was released. There are more details on the assembly of this one on that old blog link I mentioned above if you are interested. It was a fun little project for adding
vacation memories into.

While we are talking about the wooden collage boxes being used in the vertical way, I also now have this fun completed circle journal shown below. I had a circle of creative pals that were up for doing a circle journal. Since these collage boxes have eight little 1" square nooks for filling, I thought a great theme of the circle journal would be "Favorite Little Things".

So each participant filled a nook on the front or back cover and filled a page stating something about something that is a "favorite little thing" of their's.

Above is an entry about fortune cookie fortunes being one of my favorite little things.

This wooden box was colored with Color Wash sprays and Glimmer Mists which gives a more colorful look compared to the wood stained look. So lots of fun options!

Thanks again for looking,
wishing you a creative day!


  1. Kay, what a beautiful project have you come up with again this month. My hands are itching to try this, but have to wait until my lrft hand has healed.

  2. Wonderful Kay! Just need to get my rear in gear and make my own!

  3. Oh I am so glad you posted these. This is where it all started for me. These are all fantastic Kay, inside and out!

  4. Thanks! I just don't tire of decorating little nooks, fun now and fun to look back at the finished project.

  5. This is really a wonderful project!!!! I love this idea!

  6. Oh Kay I love this and I have 2 of these little wooden collage boxes and could never figure out what to do with them.....I know now........thanks for such a beautiful project.

  7. wow stunning, love this idea, its amazing! tfs x

  8. Hello!
    I discover this mini in Pinterest and I think that it is so beautifull...
    I just follow your blog :)

  9. Brilliant. I have a couple of these myself and I wouldn't toss them because I knew that I would find something to do with them online. Thank you for the beautiful idea's and inspiration. kf

  10. me gusto mucho el proyecto ¡Felicitaciones¡